InteractivePro™ Metrics


User Insight

Learn about your guest's TV/Video, browser and interactive application content preferences.

Venue Usage Customisation

With InteractivePro™ Metrics, you can easily react to which screen layouts, user controls, user seating and other configuration preferences are the most popular for each of your InteractivePro™ products.

Feedback Loop

InteractivePro™ Metrics creates and supports a feedback loop for evaluation, testing and yield management.

Cross Platform

This web-based solution, is accessible anywhere with User-account based security, supporting most major Internet browsers and Android/iOS tablet devices.

Interactive Reporting and Charts

InteractivePro™ Metrics has a highly interactive report interface with filtering and dashboard capabilities. Insightful charts can easily be created, and the underlying data is always ready for download.

More Features

Enhanced/predictive analysis is available, as is integration with supplemental/proprietary data.

Three Powerful Components

InteractivePro™ Metrics is comprised of three components to complement InteractivePro™ products:

Standard Reports Package

The Standard Report Package which provides utilization for the TV/Video and Interactive content browsing.

Event Viewer

The Event Viewer that shows chronological sequence of end-user and administrator activity on InteractivePro™ Products.

Tailored Reports

Flexible reports/analysis customization that can be tailored on-demand to answer your deeper questions.

InteractivePro Metrics