InteractivePro™ Table


Multi-Screen Capable

The InteractivePro™ Table's 10-point multi-touch interface makes it possible to interact with one, two, three, or four independent screens at once on a single industrial grade 42 inch Full HD LCD.

Durable and Strong

The InteractivePro™ Table's screen is made from a very robust 6mm thick toughened glass, which is resistent to liquid and food spills. The table is so strong that — although not recommended — it can sustain a user jumping on top of the screen.

TV & Video-mode

In this mode, end-users can select what to watch on each screen based on available channels at the venue. No more asking someone else to change the channel or choosing where to sit based on the game playing.

i-MODE (For Interactive Content & Web Browsing)

Entertainment options are endless! Content includes classic arcade games, fantasy sports and in approved jurisdictions: enjoy casino games & sports betting!

Multi-Dimensional Sound System (I.M.D.S.S.)

The InteractivePro™ Table's IMDSS is equipped with eight high-powered, high-fidelity speakers and sixteen headphone jacks which further enables end-users to influence/co-create their interactive experience.

Intuitive User Interface

The InteractivePro™ Table has a simple user interface which keeps the user focused on your selected content.


Three Different Height Configurations

The InteractivePro™ Table is available in Bar, Lounge, and Dining heights to suit your venue.

Spec Length (millimeters/inches)
Bar Height
Top of IPT to floor (lid closed) 1070mm (42.12")
Top of IPT to floor (lid open) 1510mm (59.44")
Bottom of IPT to floor 865mm (34.05")
Lounge Height
Top of IPT to floor (lid closed) 460mm (18.11")
Top of IPT to floor (lid open) 900mm (35.43")
Bottom of IPT to floor 255mm (10.03")
Dining Height
Top of IPT to floor (lid closed) 737mm (29.01")
Top of IPT to floor (lid open) 1177mm (46.33")
Bottom of IPT to floor 532mm (20.94")
InteractivePro Table in a bar setting

Touchscreen Dimensions

The InteractivePro™ Table has the same 42 inch screen and table-top dimensions on all three height configurations, measuring at:

1300mm x 890mm
(51.18" x 35.03")

Base Footprint

The InteractivePro™ Table has an identical base across the three height configurations, measuring at:

700mm x 300mm
(27.55" x 11.81")



  • Input Voltage 100V-240V AC


  • High Speed Internet Connection Recommended (CAT 5e or greater)
  • Optimized for HTML5, Flash & Other Interactive Content